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What does being CarboNil mean?
Being carbon neutral involves calculating your total climate damaging carbon emissions, then reducing them where possible, and finally balancing your remaining emissions by purchasing a carbon offset at another project location. You have the choice of investing either in energy efficient appliances or planting trees. By going CarboNil, you neutralise your effect on climate change. You are then carbon neutral.

Why CarboNil?
Even if we have reduced most of our emissions, we still all emit carbon dioxide emissions when we drive, fly, use electricity or generate waste. Therefore we affect our climate with our actions. CarboNil can give you a cost-effective answer.

How does it work?
CarboNil offers you a solution – CarboNil allows you to invest in offsetting projects that reduce emissions. On one hand, you emit, and on the other, you offset. At the same time we help you reduce your emissions by providing you with tailor-made recommendations to meet your specific needs. Depending on your reduction achievements, we will award you with first, second or third class CarboNil status and voluntary carbon credits.

The key to the offset projects is that they would not happen if it were not for your investment. This is the principle of ‘additionality’.

Who are our partners?
CarboNil is currently offering you the choice of three community-based offset schemes:

Tree planting along the Waikato River, New Zealand
Our partner Waikato RiverCare plants native trees, which offer flood protection and increase biodiversity along the prestigious River. Visit

Tree planting at the Wainui Reserve in Raglan, New Zealand
Our partner Whaingaroa Harbour Care grows native trees from seeds and plants young trees along the Wainui Reserve. Visit

Tree planting in Uganda, Mexico and Mozambique
Our partner Plan Vivo is planting small scale plantations
of mixed native trees on previous pasture land or degraded land.

Who guarantees quality offset?
CarboNil does all its calculation in-house relying on its quality technical expertise and latest international standards. If you require, our partner KPMG (or a consultant of your choice) can engage with you separately to confirm that our calculations are accurate and are based on reasonable assumptions and methodologies.

Three simple steps
CarboNil assists you becoming carbon neutral in completing the following three steps. Easy.