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Offset projects

You can make a climate difference by working with Enveco and becoming carbon neutral.

Enveco works with community based partners to offset your carbon emissions. This way we guarantee that your donation goes to sustainable projects in your neighbourhood.

We invest your money in local native tree planting schemes.

We have set up partnerships with two not-for-profit organisations which allows you to become carbon neutral.

You can offset your emissions through our community-run tree planting scheme.

Waikato RiverCare is a community group committed to the ongoing environmental management of the Waikato River. The group believes that raising awareness and interest leads to care, pride and ultimately sustainability.

The Waikato RiverCare project is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of 120 kilometres of riverbank from Hamilton city to Port Waikato. Through native planting, Waikato RiverCare hopes to prevent erosion and weed growth, and improve habitat for native bird and animal life.

works with Waikato RiverCare to ensure your carbon neutral donation is going to local tree planting projects to enhance the Waikato River. You will be awarded voluntary carbon credits.

In 2008 Enveco has formed a relationship with the BioClimate Research and Development (BR&D) through Enveco's CarboNil Programme.

BR&D is non-profit organisatio, which promotes actions to  
reconcile human development and environmental change. This is
      achieved through the Plan Vivo system .

The project is working with established groups of farmers to plan 
      agriforestry and small scale plantations such as planting mixed
      native woodlot for timber.