Boutique environmental economics consultancy


Enveco specialises in environmental economics analysis applied to natural resource management.

We also run a carbon credit scheme through our CarboNil programme. Carbon neutrality is just the beginning though.

Enveco combines quality research and analytical evaluation to provide you with cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Economic Analysis

  • Cost Abatement Curves
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Economic impact assessement
  • Economic valuation studies
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Multi criteria analysis 
  • Strategic economic decision-making tools

Economic instruments and incentives

  • Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)
  • Tradable permits
  • Taxes and levies
  • Subsidies 

Sustainability appraisals

  • Triple bottom line assessments
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Sustainable design
  • Strategy & Reporting
  • Foot printing
  • Environmental management systems (ISO 14001)


  • Presentations on resource economic and sustainability topics
  • Workshops and training
  • Case studies