Boutique environmental
economics consultancy

Track record 

Areas of expertise represented in the following project examples.

Economics of the coast and marine environment
Strengthening Disaster and Climate Risk in Urban Development in the Pacific (Asian Development Bank)
Value-chain analysis for the aquaculture sector in Timor Leste (New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Aid)
Cost benefit analysis of different aquaculture species (The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research)
Water Accounting systems and limit setting (New Zealand Ministry for the Environment)
Multi criteria analysis of aquaculture scenarios (Auckland Regional Council)
Non-market valuation of beach attributes (Waikato Regional Council)
Economic impact assessment of aquaculture (Northland Regional Council) 

Economics of carbon
Decoupling economic growth from the emissions of carbon dioxide
Carbon neutrality
Carbon offsetting of governmental activities
Regional energy report on electricity 
Full costs of electricity generation

Economics of water
Environmental costs study for the Thames tideway 
Environmental impact assessment on the Huanza Dam in Peru
Financial analysis of water resources management project in China 
Cost benefit analysis of drinking water quality improvement in Poland

Sustainability and environmental costing
Sustainability indicators for waste water treatment options 
Economic instruments for the environment 
Environmental improvements assessment in Germany
Research on indicators for sustainable construction in the United Kingdom
Sludge disposal strategy in UK 
Peer review for economic instruments for waste
Developing sustainability criteria and engineering tools
Environmental restoration of Lake Koronia in Greece
National environmental coordinator for ISO 14001 certification 
Global sustainable development knowledge base

Professional engagements

Examples of presentations at the following professional events.

  • Series of Agricultural Fora, 2007: “Economics of carbon”
  • 2006 New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Conference:  “Economic analyses for cooks beach coastal erosion management options”
  • Coastal Society Conference, New Zealand, 2004, 2005 & 2006: “An economic framework for aquaculture”; “Economic analyses for Buffalo Beach coastal erosion management options”; “Coastal erosion management strategy – Use of environmental economics tools”
  • Coastal Management Forum, New Zealand, March 2005: ”Environmental economics tools – Use in coastal management”
  • MWH Global Planning Day, Belgium, February 2003: “Renewable energy”
  • NICOLE, Spain, 12-14 March 2003: “Sustainability framework for contaminated land management”
  • ICE seminar on Environment, UK, January 2002: “A sustainability approach to engineering”
  • CIRIA conference Sustainable Construction, UK, April 2001: “Sustainability, what does it really mean to the civil engineer?” 
  • UK Forum for Water Research (FWR), UK, October 2000  “Practical experience of an environmental economist in the private sector”
  • World Travel Fair, UK, November 1999 “MWH services for sustainable water management services for travel”
  • Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment  - ‘Associate Open Book Assessment’ in June 2002.